ZoeTise-ThankYouCard-Front“I can’t imagine the meals at any restaurant being better than the meals Zoe prepared for us.”
– John B, Buffalo, NY

“Zoe is amazing and her warm smile was welcomed every morning. I can honestly say she owns the rights to my top 3 meals I have ever eaten…”
– Nuleyweds, Fla

“Superb food..”
-Cpepperm, Chicago

“But hiring Chef Zoe is the best if you decide to eat in. That is a special luxury and Chef Zoe will not disappoint!”
- AXABeachLovers, New Canaan, Ct

“It’s all about Zoe. Zoe, genius chef…Start with Zoe…the woman is elegant, talented, fun, a game changer..”
- Robert M, Short Hills, NJ

“This year (2013) Zoe has gone from an Executive Chef to a Master Chef .”
- Lutz, Washington, DCZoeTise-ThankYouCard-Inside

“Zoe is not only an incredible chef but is a remarkable lady who I am so honored to have met and gotten to know”
- KG

“The smell of Zoe’s homemade brownie bites fill the air…I’ve completely fallen in love with Zoe and her tender spirit.”
- YP, Edenton, NC

“Zoe, thank you for making the week so special. Your food recommendations were right on, and your meals even better.”
- JH Mequon, Wi