Vacation Tip: The advantages of renting a villa

You are planning a vacation in a fabulous location (such as Anguilla!). While researching your options, you are overwhelmed with possible accommodations: resorts, hotels and villas. There are benefits to each, but you may not be aware of the many advantages of renting your own villa.


Imagine spending your holiday without the intrusion and personal preferences of other guests! If you are traveling with children, you needn’t be concerned that they will disturb anyone. Conversely, you will not be disturbed by anyone else’s children or partying. Many villas have a private pool, providing even more flexibility and privacy. There is no jockeying for position for the beach chairs! Most villas have multiple TVs and entertainment centers, so everyone can watch what they want, when they want. Internet is usually available at no additional cost. A private villa is an enclave of its’ own; It is your own space for the duration of your stay.


Even the best hotels and resorts provide you with limited personal space and set schedules. At your villa, you have the freedom to sleep in and not have to wake up for maid service at a certain time. There are no wardrobe restrictions! You can jump out of bed and have breakfast in your robe or swimwear without having to change into something “appropriate”. With more rooms and outdoor living space, each person will have more personal space.

Personalized Service

Most villas have their own concierge who is there to make sure that all of your reservations, preferences and activities are attended to on a daily basis. You can ask the concierge to arrange for private chef services for as few or as many meals as you like. This is particularly helpful if you are traveling with children. The kitchen can be stocked with your favorite foods, before arrival and during your stay, so that you are not required to eat out for every meal. Snacks do not require room service or going to the store, especially if you have your own villa chef. Your chef usually is happy to do your shopping for you.


Luxury hotels usually provide an attractive environment; but the rooms are generally ordinary, if not sterile. Most villas have been lovingly designed with individual touches. The surrounding areas are landscaped to enhance the overall beauty of the property, and often there are extraordinary views. Take a moment to explore the websites for the available villas and choose one that inspires you!


You may assume that renting your own villa would be cost prohibitive, but this is not necessarily the case! A resort or hotel can be more expensive if you have multiple rooms and eat and drink at the hotel, add in eating out and your expenses soar! A villa allows you to prepare your own meals and snacks, hire a private chef and control your expenses.

Planning a vacation? Look into renting a luxury villa! It can provide all of the amenities of a hotel with the addition of privacy, freedom, space, private dining and less expense. If you miss the atmosphere of the local resort, you can always go there for a drink or meal!

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